How to Replace a Two Handle Bath Tub Faucet
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How to Replace a Two Handle Bath Tub Faucet


How to Replace a Two Handle Bath Tub Faucet

Have you ever wanted to replace the 2 handle shower valve in your home? Most times older homes have these since single handle valves have only been recently introduced.

1 Most homes have an access panel in a closet behind the bathroom wall, this access may also be located in an adjacent bedroom or linen closet. Bathtub Handle Series You will want to remove the panel to gain access to the back of the shower valve

2 Sometimes you get lucky and someone has installed shut offs for the shower valve previously, Don't always count on it though since it is not code. Remove all the handles and escusions from the old valve. Most times the escusion just un screws, some times they are held on by an Allen wrench.

3 Most 2 handle shower valves are connected by unions and some times if you buy the same brand you can remove the old one and just use the old unions. If this isn't the case you will need to cut the old ones out and solder the new unions on to the existing pipes. Loosely attach the valve to the unions. this will help you determine where and how long of a piece of pipe you will need to attach the pipe that leads to the shower head.

4 Attach the pipe leading to the shower head first, Then make all your other connections. Install the handles and the new tub spout that comes in the kit Turn the water on and check for leaks, Reinstall the panels and you are done.

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