How to Clean Luxurious Bathtub?
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How to Clean Luxurious Bathtub?


Luxurious bathtubs are elegant and stylish. But sometimes, many of these tubs are rusted and damage that make them ugly and impossible to use. Meatime they are shine and sparkle when clean, but a mild stain can make them appear dingy. Since the materials of luxury bathtubs are delicate, traditional cleaning methods and solutions may not be the best for your tub. Paint thinners, steel wool and acetone treatments, for example, only further damage your bathtub. Gentle cleansers like dish liquid soap, or even ammonia-based tub cleansers, work best for tubs.


First of all, fill a spray bottle with an ammonia-based cleanser. The spray will allow the product to cover more space. Spray the cleanser on the entire surface of the luxurious tub, and allow it to sit on the surface for 5 minutes so that the stain has a chance to break up or soften. The gentle effect of ammonia-based products makes them viable tub cleansers. Using your putty knife, fill in dings, gouges, scratches and pock marks in the tub's surface with fiberglass putty. If the interior of the tub has been damaged by harsh cleaning agents, you may have to putty the entire inside of the tub.


Scrub the luxurious bathtubs in a circular motion with a wash cloth moistened with water. The scrubbing must be firm, and the circles must be small, vigorous circles. Then rinse the surface with warm water, and gently scrub in small circles until you no longer see a stain.


Lastly, perform the scrub procedure again with dish liquid on the stain if you still see remnants of a strong stain. The dish liquid will penetrate to break up the remainder of the stain without damaging the surface. Moreover buff the surface to a shine with a hand-held buffer, or by hand.


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