Size of Pedestal Wash-basin
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Size of Pedestal Wash-basin


Pedestal wash-basin is a tremendous bathroom space saver, allowing you to tuck your sink into short corners. Therefore it is widely used in small bathroom. It include a vitreous china basin that attaches to your wall and rests on a matching pedestal. The pedestal portion is designed to hide the plumbing of the drain and p-trap making pedestal basin both functional and efficient. This design adds a definitive level of class and style to a smaller bathroom. This kind of basin is also great for tight spaces. It inherents design and variety of sizes make pedestal sinks the perfect choice for increasing the amount of open space in almost any bathroom.

Pedestal Wash-basin


Pedestal washbasins are available with 4" on-center, or for widespread faucets, 8" and 12" on-center faucet drillings. A simple style rule of thumb is you can pair either the decorative backsplash of the pedestal sink, or the architectural design of the pedestal base with a matching toilet. The vitreous china used in the manufacture is a nonporous, hard clay material that is fired to create a beautiful smooth, glassy surface showcasing the classic style of pedestal sinks.


Moreover it is available in various attractive colors and shades, which would add stars to the beauty of your bathroom. We offer our highly valued pedestal sink basin at the least market price.


1) Capri = sink basin - 25" x 20", Pedastal 63.5 cm x 16cmx 16 cm


2) Contour= Wash-basin - 22" x 16", Pedastal 63.5 cm x 16cmx 16 cm


3) Flora(with Pedastal)= sink basin - 22" x 16" Pedastal 63.5 cm x 16cmx 16 cm

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