How to Measure Acrylic Bathtub?
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How to Measure Acrylic Bathtub?


The typical acrylic bathtub is rectangular in shape. It has a small bathing well. It is fairly easy to know if the standard bathtub are applicable to the one in your bathroom.


First of all, stand close to the tub. Get a measuring tape and get the size of the base, width and lengthwise. If the acrylic tub is wider or narrower at the base compared to the top, get the top part's dimensions. Do not forget to measure the bathtub well's interior bottom.


The next step is to get the distance from the drain to the wall nearest it. If you are going to install a new acrylic bathtub, measure the width and height of the bathroom door. This will help you determine what bathtub size can actually fit in the door. Please remember, do not forget to check the space available in the bathroom. This is not just for the tub, but for the shower stall and anything else you plan to install there. In other words, you have to plan before you buy.


At the last time, regardless of the bath size, installing a tub is a fairly complex task. Unless you are sure of the whole process, the installation is better left to professional installers.


Photos of Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic Bathtub

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