Specifications of Cast Iron Bathtub
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Specifications of Cast Iron Bathtub


cast iron bathtub

Certification: IAPMO/UPC, ASME A112.19.1-94 (RA04)


Brand-new, traditional porcelain over cast iron construction


Durable, white enamel finished exterior


Ball and claw feet


Anti-skid etchings on the bottom of the cast iron bathtub as an added safety feature


NOTE: bathtub dimensions may vary +/- 1/2-inch and are subject to change. For best results, we recommends that you have the tub on site before installing rough-in plumbing.


Tub sizing guide:

* Overall dimensions: 60-1/2" L x 30-1/2" W x 23-5/8" H (with feet)

* Faucet drillings: 7" Rim

* Water depth: 14"

* Water capacity: 53 gallons

* Empty weight: 287 lbs.

* Filled weight: 729 lbs.

* Shipping weight: 452 lbs.

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