Install the wash-basin problems that need attention
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Install the wash-basin problems that need attention


The wash-basin plays an essential role in our daily life. Although it looks nothing special, but once the improper installation, life will give people a lot of inconveniences, back pain, splashing became commonplace. In order to solve the problems of life, We summarize the following four proposals.

The depth and the intensity of the wash-basin are directly proportional

I think it’s the most uncomfortable when the water splashed on him..Generally the depth of the wash basin and the strength of the tap water in the above should be in direct proportion..Don’t install coarse taps above a shallow wash-basin.,otherwise the water will splash on him. In addition, the bottom of the basin must be enough radian, not too flat.

Mounting height should be reasonable

Both of the detached and the benchtop, surface of the pool or mesa are 0.8 meters from the floor, because the pond is too short will make people lumbago.

The side of the pool should be slightly higher than the mesa

The side of the pool should be slightly higher than the mesa,and the seam must be smooth,easy to clean the table.

Selected types according to the space

The wash basins roughly is divided into two kinds---- detached and benchtop.The detached is beautiful, have a small footprint,and ease of maintenance, suitable for small space bathroom.The  benchtop will occupy the space of a desk at least. It can hold toiletries on the table,and can put debris in the below cabinet.

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