How to choose the bathtub sizes?
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How to choose the bathtub sizes?


I summed up the size of a bathtub, hope it is usefull.

There are the follows of the bathtub sizes of square bathtub:

1.The length of the square bathtub basically these types: 1 m 5,1 m 6,1 m 7,1 m 8,1 m 9, but most of them are using a length of 7 meters, the majority of Chinese people's average Height.

2. The width of the square bathtub basic: 0.7 m, 0.75 m, 0.8 m, 0.85 m, 0.9 m is relatively rare, the most frequently used is 0.8 meters.

3. Basic square bathtub height: 0.58 m to 0.9 m, 0.7 m common.

There is little difference in size of the oval bathtub and a square bathtub, just there is a bath less than 1.4 meters in length, the height is relatively high, mainly of wood, the name has changed, called the tub.

Heart-shaped bathtub is on the angle usuallyalthough it’s relatively large of the footprint, the dead space of toilet,just to be used. And the shape of the heart-shaped is cute,liked by girls. The general both sides of the heart-shaped bathtub is 1.5 meters,but also some on both sides are not necessarily the same. We must have a good amount of the size of the bathroom to buy.

The round bathtub is large generally, the diameter is 1.5 m to 1.8 m. The water consumption of the round bath is relatively great, the occupancy area is large,too, most is used in villa. Triangle bathtub is generally used less.

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